Solutions to Waking Up Less Puffy

Asian baby with chubby cheeks smiling with his tongue out laying on a bed

Did you wake up this morning looking like a xiao long bao? While I’m all for looking like a Din Tai Fung dewy dumpling, a puffy sans cheekbones and jawline look is not a favorite. 

So what causes your face to swell up like a puffer fish? 

1. Drinking

Probably one of the biggest culprits out there, is the alcohol you consume during your late night benders. If you don’t drink enough water when you drink alcohol, your body starts retaining water to compensate for the lack of fluid (alcohol not considered), which results in you getting bloated. Trust me, drink that water. You might head to the restroom more than once during the night, but you'll have more chances of remembering your night the next day. 

2. Pillows

The thing that you put your head on? Yes, even your pillow can cause your face some extra fluff if it’s putting pressure in the right place, it can cause fluid buildup. 

3. Allergies or crying

I’m sure you know this already, so just going to leave this here. 


4. Salt

Especially with our Filipino cuisine, we love love love going overboard with our salt flicking.


And besides just even adding salt, processed or canned food contain a lot of sodium, which causes water retention, which equals bloating. So you might want to rethink your morning breakfast choices of corned beef and spam. 

5. Hormones

When your hormones are fluctuating due to say your monthly cycle, pregnancy, or menopause, the whole world goes out of whack. And even your face wants to show it by puffing up.

Other causes are simply not drinking enough water, lack of sleep and stress (the king of enemies yes). So how do you prevent this face puffing you might ask?

1. Cold Everything

Try washing your face with cold water. Studies even say it helps with minimizing your pores, so that’s a plus. If you want to upgrade this further, you can try rubbing ice on your face or leaving a jade roller in the fridge then rolling over with your serum. If you have the luxury of time, you can even leave your face masks and eye masks in the fridge and put them on for cold sensations and insane depuffing.


2. Get Some Exercise

Not only does it release happy hormones, but you get to sweat out all that sodium and release any water retention. Another fun way would be going to a trampoline park. Have you heard of lymphatic drainage? In a mouthful, it’s basically releasing toxins we’ve gathered daily. Jumping around is a great past time with major benefits for getting rid of toxins and water retention.

3. Pillow Update

As you read your pillow can cause depuffing if putting too much pressure, but if you use 2 pillows for elevation this can combat gravity.

4. Face Yoga and Facial Massage

Yeah so some person coined the term face yoga. It’s not technically a massage, since it’s more of a workout wherein you do facial positions like stretching your mouth or smiling extra wide. Here’s a video for some “positions”. 

Now you can also do an actual face massage. So just as you normally (hopefully) put on your skincare like serums, oils, and moisturizer, you can do a little extra work by massaging these in. Use upward strokes or motions, to really depuff and drain out those toxins.

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