Sleep talking. What's the 411?


Have you ever found yourself awake and all of a sudden, your partner next to you starts a conversation? “Pass me the rice please.” What? Or in the morning maybe your roommate complains about your random jibber jabber during the night. Sleep talking: It’s a real disorder.

It’s not something that’s anything horrible or truly embarrassing (sometimes), but it happens to people and can even be passed down to the next generation. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen when we dream, but happens during any stage of sleep.

Stages of sleep talking:

Stage 1 and 2: Lighter sleep, more intelligible speech

Stage 3 and 4: Mumbles and gibberish

So what causes us to talk in our sleep? There are a number of things that can cause this, such as alcohol or sickness. Based from experience, I barely ever talk in my sleep, but there was this one time I had the flu, so I had to take a bunch of medicine to help me sleep. My roommate woke me up the next day saying I scared her, cause I kept mumbling in my sleep. True story. The funny part is that my roommate is actually someone who does talk in her sleep once in awhile, sans drugs. 


Other causes of sleep talking are stress, sleep deprivation, or depression. It can also coincide with other sleep disorders like having nightmares, sleep apnea, or REM sleep behavior disorder. 

Treatments for sleep talking varies depending on how severe it is, but most of the time you can just visit a sleep specialist. If you have nightmares where in you project violent actions or screaming, then it’s best you seek for help. Other than that, it’s nothing ear plugs can’t solve for whoever sleeps by you. You yourself can try to get more sleep and reduce your stress, as all would recommend.

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