Best Sleep Accessories To Buy Now

I was having a conversation with some friends about sleep. How one person actually spends almost all her savings on anything that improves her sleep experience. When she was asked about it, she merely said, “I work 12 hours in a day and once I get home, all I want to do is sleep, so if I’m going to spend 8 hours a day in bed, might as well be the most luxurious bed.” 

She made sense. 

But we’re not going to go out and buy the most expensive mattress we can find just yet. So here are some accessories or additions you can add to your slumber (some are care of local brands!):

1. Weighted Blanket

Gravity weighted blanket on the lap of a lady wearing a white shirt sitting in bed reading a book

Something that has been on my wishlist, and will probably end up in my cart by the end of this year. Everyone’s obsessing over this. It’s a blanket that has either pellets or metal woven into the fabric in order to, of course, make it feel heavy. The blanket’s purpose is to provide a soft pressure to your body, kind of like getting a hug.

Here’s an option from Shopee that won’t necessarily break the bank.

But if you want luxury, you can get one from Gravity.


2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp philippines

If you get regular allergies or have asthma even during the good weather months, a salt lamp is definitely your friend. It helps to cleanse the air, by absorbing excess moisture and reduces toxins in the air for starters. An extra plus is that it looks amazing on your bedside table, like a night lamp.

HIMA has some great size choices you can find on BeautyMNL.


3. Linen Scent Spray

Essential oils are everything, and if it comes in a spray form, even better. Scents like lavender and chamomile are great to put you in a sleeping mood. Spray these over your bed linens and welcome your mind to calm scented sleep.

You can find these and other scents at Scents and Sensibilities. FYI their sprays are also multi-purpose, where you can use them on your body, around your home, and on your linens.


4. Silk Eye Mask

Eye mask from Eve Design Studio surrounded by a book, phone, Mario Badescu spray, Le Labo spray, and Aesop hand balm

Eyes are important, because we only have a pair of them in our lifetime. So we have to take care of our assets. Besides slathering a bunch of eye cream every night or putting on an eye mask every morning, you can buy a silk eye mask for many different reasons. Besides the obvious of avoiding light, they help you sleep faster and also prevent wrinkles! 

You can find these from the local brand Eve.


5. Mattress Topper

Want to feel like you’re sleeping on a hotel bed? A topper is your best bet. It transforms your regular mattress into a sanctuary of comfort. RXD’s mattress toppers are made of a gel type memory foam that has a cooling cover, so you can disregard the whole heat trapping notion.

Shop our memory foam mattress topper here.


6. Bamboo Linens

Living in the Philippines, we experience the all year round tropical climate. Yes through seasons it may fluctuate here and there, but what remains the same is, heat. To sleep in peace, you can get yourself some bamboo linens, which are actually more breathable and lightweight. These are actually softer and more comfortable than cotton linens and are actually hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

You can start off with a smart starter set from Linen and Homes.

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